About Dr. Danial Khalifa

Dr. Danial Khalifa is a Podiatrist who started Sole Wellness & Aesthetics in 2017. His clinical specialties include medical and surgical management of common foot disorders, sports related injuries, and cosmetic foot procedures.

Dr. Khalifa achieved a Bachelors of Science in Exercise Science & Sports Studies from Rutgers University and went on to obtain his Doctor of Podiatric Medicine from Temple University.

As Chief Resident at Staten Island University Hospital, he led his colleagues during the intensive three-year Podiatric Medicine and Surgery residency program, training in everything from simple ingrown nails, to complex reconstructive surgery. Dr. Khalifa actively researches advancements in podiatry and his case study on ungual melanoma was recently published in Podiatry Today magazine. He is board certified by the American Board of Podiatric Medicine.

Dr. Khalifa is a compassionate, kind doctor with great bedside manner. Growing up he had a strong desire to help others. With pedal morbidities on the rise, he takes preventative and proactive measures to help his patients manage their podiatric health concerns. In his spare time, Dr. Khalifa likes to spend time with his family, play basketball, and golf.



“Dr. Khalifa is amazing! I approached him with very short notice, and he was extremely accommodating. He was very thorough in identifying and diagnosing my problem, and provided the best solution possible. He maintains the highest level of professionalism, while providing you with a sense of comfort as well. I would recommend Dr. Khalifa to everyone and anyone!”



“Had a foot fracture from playing basketball about a month ago and Dr. Khalifa gave me the right medical treatment and recovery process for a speedy recovery. Very easy to talk to and it was always a great time whenever I visited him. I’m doing much better know and he checks up regularly to make sure I am doing okay. Most doctors don’t do that but he does and it makes the value between patient and doctor much greater! Highly recommend”



“My 12 yr old daughter saw Dr. Khalifa for an ingrown toe nail, she was terrified but thanks to the doctor and staff, she felt completely comfortable. He removed the ingrown nail and she is doing much better, he even called to check up on her days later. Excellent doctor. Very nice and caring”



“My mother had a terrible pain in her foot for over a week. Due to the pain, she was experiencing difficulty walking. She had her consult with Dr. Khalifa, he diagnosed and provided her treatment that day. She has not had an issue since, thanks to Dr. Khalifa”